Ariana&Syrjäläinen project

Ville Syrjäläinen and Gabriela Ariana, Picture by Tanja Ahola.

This is joined project of the musician and artist Ville Syrjäläinen and the ancestral tradition holder and ecological artist Gabriela Ariana. Together we create and space for connecting with the deepest layers of oneself. Our performances hold a timeless space for everybody interest in experiencing an authentic connection with own nature and the nature around.

Our performances and sessions are born in the moment, from the moment, listening, sensing and being aware of the different aspects, situations, energies and needs of the community to who we create this ritualistic space. We want to encourage and support the audience to be an active part of the ritual: singing, dancing, expressing as each one may need. We hold an space where each one of us can re-connect with own roots, from where life wisdom and strength come from and ,as well, the awareness of the interrelation between us.

We want to give shape, sound and movement to the ancestral wisdom that nature holds. We want to recover music, dance and even the idea of performance’s origin, which was to be a surviving tool to go through life, a ritual of connection, in awareness and with deep respect for the future generations.

The vibration that our performances and sessions offer, create a save space to connect with the primal vibration of life, that is in you and that is the real fuel of who you are.

In our performances and sessions, we combine archaic singing, dance, drumming and technology to create an space of “coming back home”, to your own body, to the presence of your soul and to the loving presence of our foremothers and forefathers.

If you want to be part of this and live the experience check on our events calendar for performances, sessions and workshops or contact us to