Ecological Art and Ecological Dance-art.

Ecological Art is a worldwide art movement based on ecological awareness. Refer to the coexistance of human beings and nature and, in my case, refer to rising awareness of human-nature unconnection and how this influence us all. Usually, in terms of the materials used in this kind of works of art, they are, in many cases, recycled and natural at the same time. Natural materials and low technological seen talks about the fragility of nature, its cyclicality, constantly changing, vulnerable, but extremely powerful as well, in terms of keeping life going on.

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Back to your wise body

It is time to understand and embody that all living creature, that all life, is a cycle. We aren’t linear, we are never exactly the same as yesterday, everything is in constant change and this is where reseed the power of life that by keeping cycles is keeping everything going on. We have being said, during thousands of years of immature patriarchalism, we should feel afraid of changing, afraid of cycling, afraid of growing in a different direction than others, we have being said that this is even wrong and evil  and they have create also the concept of evil to make as feel unworthy. Most of all, we have being said that feeling any inner-power and/or passion inside of us is a sin. But under all this immature patriarchalism there was, and there is, only an unrooted little body, so helpless that had to keep lying for so long in order to control and manipulate, in order to dominate and get money-powered.

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