Grounding treatment

Grounding treatment is a holistic form of treatment based on natural wisdom and many different folk healing techniques. The treatment has been developed by Gabriela Ariana, the founder of Roots to empower (Juurakon Voima).

With the Grounding treatment the body gets into a state of deep relaxation, it grounds and balances hormonal activity, eases tensions in the body-mind, activates the metabolism and cleanses deeply, yet softly.

This treatment is deeply healing and acts a strong tool for increasing healing and supporting during difficult diseases.

Grounding Treatment activates the flow of energy in the body and help to balance immunity.

Depending on the patient’s situation and the time of year, methods used in the treatment include: soft or hard pressing with palm, fist or elbow; light cradling; soft shaking. Additionally, various herbs are used: herbal oils, herbal foot baths, rebozo techniques and clay wrapping, as necessary.

Grounding treatment is a very effective option to get supported in times of high stress and, as well, as a way for getting rid of stagnated stress in the body.

Grounding Treatment is suitable for everybody and for people of all ages.

For women, Grounding Treatment is a true treasure in various stages of life changes, such as during pregnancy, the post-partum period, menarche (the first menstrual period), as well as during the power-years (menopause)

Grounding Treatment healing session lasts for about 90 minutes. The treatment costs 124e (inc.VAT 24%)

If you want to reserve a treatment please send a message to juurakonvoima (at)