Mentoring program in ecosomatic art and education

The mentoring program in ecosomatic art and education has being tailored for strengthening the mission of every artist and/or educator to be an active generator in creating and waking up awareness in the community about ecological and sustainability issues. How art and education can create and hold spaces to embody reflections about this issues. How the artists and teachers can come out of the artist bubble and obsolete structures of education and serve to the community as a catalyzer for change.

This mentoring program is for artist and educators that are concerned about the environment. As such, they want to create art or spaces for learning, that improves an area environmentally and/or that highlights a specific environmental issue addressing also aesthetics, ethics, politics, culture, and/or economics, and the impact these have on the world’s ecosystems.

The program propose that the basics of settling and rooting an ecological and sustainable way of living in the community starts from getting back to the body and understanding it as nature and how in the very cellular memory of the body we find directions, ideas and ways for re-discover your relationship with nature and the ways to co-exist with the environment. The training gives you the possibility to make a deep diving into your own field-work experience and the studies of ancestral cultural practices that have carried the bases of this knowledge for thousands of years.

In this training we want to invite you to get the answers -and new questions- from your body experience about how to create art and/or hold an educational space using natural materials in awareness of nature, how through a somatic approach in arts and education you can inform the community of environmental issues, politics, culture, the historical aspects of eco-systems, nature, and its processes, how art and education can help to remediate and reclaim damaged natural environments or even restore ecosystems in artistic ways, how to open possibilities of creatively propose new ways for sustainability, healing, and coexistence.

Mentoring program in ecosomatic art and education module 1

Module in a month intensive program 

Themes per week:

First week:       Returning to the body as nature. Reflections from the body and ancestrality.

Second week:  Human specie relating with nature. Ecosomatic practices. Ancestral practices.

Third week:      Nature as the platform for co-creation and co-learning. Art’s origin.

Forth week:      Methods for practicing art in/with nature (dance, voice, music, painting…). Developing own practice/expresion. Final work.

The 85% of the training will happen in outside spaces in nature and will include discussions, guided investigation, personal laboratory work, writing of papers (1-2 per week), instant composition sharing. The training will offer the possibility to experience the large impact of nature in the body going through works of demanding physicality to a deep contemplative experience.

This training has being running for 5 years and it has have the participations of artist and teachers from countries as: Finland, Chile, Portugal, Holland and Japan.

Get information about how to apply, costs and more:

Module in a extended program

The next extended program will take place in different locations in Finland. The program starts on January 2022 and it ends on June. During this period we will meet 5 weekends:

January 20-30 at Nuuksio

February 26-27 at Nuuksio

March 26-27 at Nuuksio

April 21-22 at Nuuksio

June 17, 18 and 19 at Koli

The meetings at Nuuksio are from 11 am on Saturday till 17 pm on Sunday and the last meeting at Koli is from 16 pm on Friday till 16 pm on Sunday.

The training is a 260 hours program:

100h presencial seminars (field work)

120h supported personal studying

40h  practice

In total 260h program.

Program costs:

The program cost 1620€ (inc.vat 24%). It is possible also to pay in parts.


To register in this program please send a motivation letter  where you tell about yourself and why you would like to be part of this program. When you are inform of being accepted in the program you can pay the registration fee 1620€ or your inscription fee 300€ (non- returnable). This inscription fee will be discount from the total prize and you can pay the rest, 1320€, before the training starts or as agreed with the training’s organizer. For more information please contact us: