In the sessions we offer an space for taking a concrete distance and rest from busy daily life and take a deep journey towards your body, your nature. The sessions are a possibility to come back to the rhythm of nature.

We start our sessions with some simple eco-somatic practices, that helps us to connect with our breath and to bring the attention to our body. After that, every participant will lay down on a mat, covered by a blanket just to be, to experience, to get nourished and supported by our music. We will propose a theme for each session that will be usually related with the time of the year, the moment in the cycle that we are, to help us to connect even deeper with the present moment. Previous experience in any kind of meditation is not required.

At the end of the session, and if you want, you will have the possibility to share verbally your feelings and your experience.

Please check in the events calendar if you are interest in being part of a session and don’t hesitate to connect us if you have any question about it. You can also invite us to come to be part of your own event