Space to BE

Space to BE: Circle dialogue performance open for all fellow artists 21.6.2022 in Nuuksio´s forest.

To be together, to share a space just by being. In a society that goes in such a fast rhythm and where, in this fast rhythm, we suppose to keep doing, showing and producing under so many pressures, for instance, without feeling or being supported, I want to offer an space to come back to the rhythm that our body needs, a way to relate to oneself and to others in a more sustainable way. 
Questions like: who am I when I just am? How are the perceptions about myself when I just am? What are my needs from this kind of body state?, are invited to be answer from the body perceptions of the bodymind, more than from the elaborated analyzing mind. In the first face of the Circle we will mainly come together to rest, recover, let our inner tone get some sense of calm and the second face is an spoken sharing where each one will have the possibility to speak for the same amount of time, you can also use this time for another kind of share as silence, voice, dance…