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Embodying nature, embodying soul®

Embodying nature, embodying soul is a therapy I have develop during more than 20 years, which basical idea is to hold a space to make a deep process to recover the connection with own body, its energy and help to create a healthier relationship with the environment and with others. Through this therapy we may connect with the experiences that are kept in the memories of own body and that may cause difficulties in our lives and, at the same time, discover all the gifts and tools that are in our body and that can support us and heal us. The fundamental idea of the method is to carry out a deep process which restores the connection with oneself by developing awareness of own presence in the here and now.

Conversation is used to support the process, as well as different body awareness methods, hands-on treatments, nature connection and most of all, ecosomatic practices.  As by example, when working with traumatic prints in the body, the purpose is to help the body understand and embody, the fact that whatever caused the trauma has long since passed. The logical mind might already understand this, but not the body-memories of that experiences that are still in the body. This memories of traumatic past events get triggered in daily life, causing a lot of stress, pain and or suffering and they influence our lives every moment unless we regain the feeling of being safe in own body, returning the energy that got lost in a moment of traumatic experience.

Return to the body

Our body is a part of nature and it works according to natural cycles. This is why I feel that nature is my teacher and my power place on this path. Nature is everywhere around us: under the asphalt, between buildings and up in the sky. Nature is the body I inhabit. This is a truth has being long since forgotten  by the human mind but lives strongly in our own bodies.

Long ago, in the beginnings pf humanity, our ancestors understood and lived in the consciousness of natural wisdom and this is sufficient background for our bodies. In addition, we all have the experience of being fetuses inside the wombs of our mothers.  I believe that human beings develop in the womb in perfect interaction with nature, in a natural state. So, as fetuses, we are all given a readiness for understanding nature as well.

For more than twenty years, I have seen the kind of process that takes place when a person starts noticing their body and becomes aware of it, its cyclical nature and its primordial connection with nature. The possibility is then open for healing even trauma, returning personal Lifeforce or, as the ancestors put it: soul retrieval. Strengthening body awareness enables a safe way to restore one’s power by embodying the knowledge of our cells and like that letting the body re-organize and heal what needs to be healed.

We are a Body/Soul oneness an the Soul retrieval or ancestral trauma work requires – in the modern world, where nature connection is hidden from everyday life – a process much deeper than just one ritual. We must work calmly and carry out the process with respect to the rhythms and needs of our bodies, so that we can heal our internal roots, our nervous system, through which we root ourselves into this world to support all the other cells in the body. During this process, our bodies need to feel gentleness, acceptance and encouragement. These energies are used to create, step by step, a new and natural experience, which calls and encourages us to be in our bodies and to be in an authentic relationship with all those around us. This means trusting our own power, ourselves.

A single Embodying Soul session might give you some useful tools, for instance stress management, but the best of it  requires a longer process.

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Grounding treatment

Grounding treatment is a holistic form of treatment based on ancestral medicine. The treatment has been developed by Gabriela Ariana.

With the Grounding treatment the body gets into a state of deep relaxation, it grounds and balances hormonal activity, eases tensions in the body-mind, activates the metabolism and cleanses deeply, yet softly.

This treatment is deeply healing and acts as a strong tool for increasing healing and giving support during difficult diseases.

Grounding Treatment activates the flow of energy in the body and help to balance immunity.

Depending on the patient’s situation and the time of year, methods used in the treatment include: soft or hard pressing with palm, fist or elbow; light cradling; soft shaking. Additionally, various herbs are used: herbal oils, herbal foot baths, rebozo techniques and clay wrapping, as necessary.

Grounding treatment is a very effective option to get supported in times of high stress and, as well, as a way for getting rid of stagnated stress in the body.

Grounding Treatment is suitable for everybody and for people of all ages.

For women, Grounding Treatment is a true treasure in various stages of life changes, such as during pregnancy, the post-partum period, menarche (the first menstrual period), as well as during the power-years (menopause)

Grounding Treatment healing session lasts for about 90 minutes. The treatment costs 125e (inc.VAT 24%)

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Traditional treatment (drum and voice healing)

Traditional treatments – the Roots to Empower approach

Traditional treatment is an ancient method for treating all kinds of ailments – whether physical, psychological or spiritual.

By traditional treatment, we mean a holistic folk healing that helps us to get in touch with our internal power. The treatment revitalizes the bodies internal resources and healing abilities. The treatment opens the ways for feeling relieved and increasing a sense of hope and peace in life. 

The traditional healer serves people, the community and nature. He has travelled a long, personal path of metaphysical transformation before becoming a healer.

In the Roots to Empower traditional treatments, we use drumming, smoke, sounds, touch and/or massage and herbal drinks and oils, all depending in what is needed in this moments. Every treatment is develop according to the patient’s needs.

The smoke cleanses, balances and activates the internal mechanisms in the body. A cleansing smoke is created by burning different herbs, such as sweetgrass, lavender, rosemary or juniper. The vibrational waves of the drum penetrate every single cell in the body. Drumming relaxes the mind, grounds the body and activates the metabolism. Many people feel the drumming sensitizes them to hearing their internal voice. Touch and massage are effective methods for opening bodily locks and tensions, as well as removing toxins from the body.

The treatment begins with a conversation. Through conversation, we map the situation which feels problematic at the moment, or is in need of deeper understanding.

During the treatment, even difficult things on your mind can be handled. Traditional treatments can also support your recovery from a difficult illness. Or maybe you just need a moment for yourself, a moment of rest from the busyness of the everyday. This can also be accomplished perfectly by means of the traditional treatment. 

During the treatment, different needs might arise, depending on what takes place at the very moment of the treatment, some examples:

– Sometimes we might go back in time to an event which still affects our lives. In the treatment, healing energy is taken into the past, or alternatively, whatever is necessary at present is retrieved from the past. The need for letting go, or for forgiveness might arise.

– The treatment can help you release old patterns, which no longer serve you in the present.

– You can set a clear intention for the treatment to help you to get the strength to make changes in your life.

– In the treatment, you will be given clear guidance and support for finding your personal power, as well as realizing your everyday creativity and courage.

– The treatment can opens emotional locks and supports you to deal with “new information” about yourself guiding you to get empower from that experience.

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Sauna treatment

The sauna treatment is a traditional treatment, which is done in the healing steam of the sauna. The sauna is a powerful space for transformation. The sauna is a cleansing place of letting go, healing and empowerment. The sauna is also a return to the womb and it offers you the chance for renewal and rebirth.

At the moment, I am offering sauna treatments at my own place in Vihti. You can book my sauna treatments to other places, provided that the sauna is heated with wood. (Sauna treatments are stand by at the moment)

Women’s steam treatment

Ancient Steam Treatment For Women

The female steam treatment is nowadays known around the world by other names, such as Yoni steam, Bajos or the V Sauna. This healing method has been a part of everyday life for women, as well as being a part of healing work for thousands of years in Africa, Central and South America and Korea.

The female pelvic bowl is an amazing area in the female body. It includes the vagina, the womb, the ovaries, the oviducts and the bones, nerves and muscles of the pelvic area. The well being of this area has direct effect on our lives as women. Healing yourself with the female steam treatment supports you in achieving a life where your menstrual and life cycles flow in a healthy way. Additionally, it is truly a beautiful and strong method of respecting femininity and connecting deeper with the Earth, with nature and with your soul.

Traditionally, women et the steam treatment is a sacred ritual of connection that supports to stay holistically healthy, strong, harmonious and clear. The ritual is a meditative practice that gives the chance to spend a moment by yourself, or supported by a healer.

This method is not only about “vaginal cleansing”, or about only about biological fertility. Seeing the method only from such perspectives means taking a very narrow view on the actual meanings of this ancient practice.

The female steam treatment is a moment of self-care. It is a ritual with a holistic impact on your life.

The female steam treatment means preparing herbs in hot water in a clay container. You’ll sit down on an open stool, with the steaming preparation beneath you. This way the healing, empowering and harmonizing effects of the herbs and the heat can enter your body through the pelvic floor. The absorbent tissues of the vagina emit the herbal effects into the entire pelvic bowl area and the circulation system. The beneficial effects can be felt in the entire body.

For a woman in good basic health, doing this treatment four times a year is enough. You can time the treatments according to the seasonal cycle.

Here’s a more detailed list of symptoms / problems which can be treated with this treatment:

– several days of dark bleeding in the beginning and/or at the end of menstruation

– healing after childbirth or miscarriage
– menstrual pain and irregular menstruation
– endometriosis

– muscular stress in the pelvic area and pelvic pain

– uterine prolapse or female genital prolapse
– dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea
– hemorrhoids and/or constipation

– ovarian cysts
– fertility problems
– trauma work
– burn-out, stress
– menopause
– depression
– certain headaches and migraines

– hormonal imbalances

Contraindications or when not to do the female steam treatment:

– having an infected area in your body
– during pregnancy
– during menstruation

– when using an intrauterine device (IUD)

General instructions:

– preventive treatment: one week before the first day of menstruation
– in case of cysts, uterine prolapse, pelvic pain, myomas, or endometriosis, it is advisable to do steam treatments 2-4 times for one week, starting after ovulation
– after abortion or miscarriage, you should wait for three weeks and make sure that you do not have infections in your body
– after childbirth, wait for 6-8 weeks, until you are sure to have stopped your bleeding completely and there are no infections in your body

IMPORTANT: Every woman is different and many things have an effect on your life phases. For this reason, it is important for you to learn this treatment under expert supervision, and to ask questions whenever they arise. Also for the use of herbs is important to consider allergies. If you know you are sensitive or allergic to some herb or tree do not include it in your steam.

Often women who are recovering from a difficult relationship perform this ritual as part of the process of letting go and transitioning onwards. The treatment helps with cleansing, letting go and “putting yourself back together” after difficult experiences.

You can perform this steam treatment at home after you have familiarized yourself with the procedure with the guidance of an experienced expert.

Juurakon Woima – Roots to Empower offers these steam treatments in Helsinki. You can book a time for yourself or for a small group. Sessions are personalized according to individual needs. The session begins with a conversation to map out your situation. Then we’ll do some suitable stretches and breathing exercises to activate your body to receive the healing steam in the best possible way. Then you will be seated in an open chair, with the herbal preparation placed beneath the chair. You’ll be covered from neck to toe with a large blanket, softly enveloping you in a private space.

* If you are working in the medical field, work as a doula or a midwife or want to immerse yourself with this method, please ask for more information on courses and training.

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