Trancedance and archaic singing workshop+concert

In two hours of intense work we will journey into our bodies to connect with the own authentic need of movement and the sources of expression that our nature wakes up. We will connect the free moving born from the body with the use of the voice by getting to know some somatic principles, the ancestral cosmovision of voice and by practicing simple exercises to connect with your own voice. On the last part of our workshop you will have the possibility to take part in our concert where you are warmly invited to dance and sing with us.

This workshops are hold by the musician and artist Ville Syrjäläinen and the ancestral traditions holder, somatic therapist and dance artist Gabriela Ariana.

No earlier experience on dance or singing are needed. Come as you are, that is the perfect point to start.

If you want to read more about trancedance:

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The workshops will start on the next fall 2021.