Gabriela Ariana is a Chilian ecological performance artist, choreographer, dancer, singer and an ancestral view holder and practitioner. For the last 16 years she has done art research and work about the state of nature, nature’s knowledge and the raising of its awareness, of nature’s destruction and its still existing supporting power as well. Her art practice unite archaic singing, drumming session, dreamwork, trance, lament songs and her own ecosomatic practice that she has developed during the last 20 years. As an artist she create a MOTHERING space to hold the silenced knowledge and the intergenerational trauma that is hidden in the body’s Manala as a way to rise and channel the strength hidden under them.

My work

My artistic outlook is born from over 16 years of work where space has been given especially to bodily thinking and experiencing. My work always begins from the body, its nature, and the rising of its empirical knowledge. As a choreographer, I’m interested in working with the dancer’s nature and the internal or cellular unknown. Nature can’t be controlled, but it can be called out, rise up.

The collective

In 2011 I was invited to Chile to share my work with a group of dancers. There, this idea of a collective, a group of artists with who to share my practices and create works, started to get much stronger.