Gabriela Ariana is a Chilean ecological performance artist, choreographer, dancer, singer and an ancestral worldview holder and practitioner. For the last 17 years she has done art research and work about the state of nature, nature’s knowledge and the raising of its awareness, of nature’s destruction and its still existing supporting power as well. Her art practice unite dance, archaic singing, drumming session, dreamwork, trance, poetry, lament-singing and her own eco-somatic practice that she has developed during the last 20 years.
As an artist she creates experiential spaces where the audience can be an active participant.
Her work is the act of rising up the hidden, the unseen, the untamed, the non-colonized, the timeless. It offers a collective experience, from where community is born.
What western society understand as ”conscience” is the most unconscience of all. There is a land in the body and a land over, under and even IN this lands of Earth, that is called unconscience only because it cannot be understood in the frame of scientific ”logic”, it’s not measurable, it’s not comparable, or possible to prove. It can only be experienced, it can only be embody through the awareness of the cells and if we embrace it just long enough to notice it, it may rise up us a poetry, as a song, as dance, as art.

My work

My artistic outlook is born from over 17 years of work where space has been given especially to bodily thinking and experiencing. My work always begins from the body, its nature, and the rising of its empirical knowledge. As an artist, I want to offer spaces for experiencing collectively the unseen, the hidden, the landscapes of the dream-fields, the unsaid, the untamed, the timeless…