Gabriela Ariana is an ecological artist, working in field-art, as a dance artist and as a singer in the tradition of the archaic singing. She graduate in 1998 as a licentiate in Dance. She is a body therapist and an ancestral tradition holder and teacher and the mother of three children. Gabriela has being working actively for more than 20 years on this fields.

My work

My artistic outlook is born from over 15 years of work where space has been given especially to bodily thinking and experiencing. My work always begins from the body, its nature, and the rising of its empirical knowledge. As a choreographer, I’m interested in working with the dancer’s nature and the internal or cellular unknown. Nature can’t be controlled, but it can be called out, rise up.

The Collective

In 2006 I gave birth to my second child. That gave me again the possibility to reflect and renew the way I see and experience the world. I had, already, since the the 2003, where I give birth to my first child, started to question many aspects of the dance field. First of all, what and why we do dance in the given frame we’ve got, why we are ”doing dance” in this way, in this world, what dance means for our society. Somehow the dance field start to look very unmeaningful for me.