Gabriela Ariana is an ecological artist, working in field-art, as a dance artist and as a singer in the tradition of the archaic singing. She graduate in 1998 as a licentiate and Dance teacher. She is a Body therapist, an ancestral tradition holder and teacher and the mother of three children. Gabriela has being working actively for more than 25 years on this fields. She is originally from Chile and lives since 21 years in Finland, were she has investigate about Finnish mythology and East-sea’s Finnish ancestral traditions. After a 13 years of career as a dancer for many choreographers in South America and Europe she has being for 15 years deeply concentrate in her own creations and research.

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Works as choreographer

1999: ”Desert” a solo performance at Space catastrophe festival in Belgium-Finland.
2003: ”Inhabiting” solo performance/installation at Zodiak, Helsinki-Finland.
2007: ”Soneto sola” Performance, voice, dance at caisa’s cultural center, Helsinki-Finland. 2010: ”Lights” an open rehearsal, performance for 13 senior dancers. Zodiak, Helsinki- Finland
2011:* ”People of Earth” performance, dance, singing at the Emma’s museo on the Mapuche culture exhibition. Espoo-Finland.
*”Mute dance” Exploratory and improvised performance, working with voice, movement, story telling, installation. Z-free, Zodiak, Helsinki-Finland.
*”Santiago” Environmental art performance for 30 performers (dancers and actors) during an art residence in GAM’s cultural center in Santiago-Chile.
2012: ”Stories from our lives” a dance performance for 17 elders, Zodiak, helsinki-Finland. 2014 ”Forte” Human specie project, environmental art performance for 12 dancers at Matucana 100 theater in Santiago-Chile.
2015: *”Kolibri” Environmental performance for children at Malmi’s park’s cultural center.
*”Life flow” solo performance and workshop at the Girl’s house, Helsinki-Finland.
2016: ”Human specie” Performance with non-dancers, music and voice. Performances at Le petit festival in Hanko, Croatia and at Caisa’s cultural center.
2017: ”Soul’s retrieval” The performer became a ritual holder. This piece was rehears in the forests of Nuuksio and perform at Caisa’s cultural center in Helsinki-Finland. The Soundscape for the piece was created by Tuomas Rounakari and Gabriela Aldana.
2018: ”Nature in me” as a director working the concept of nature’s connection performance in nature. Cooperating with the chilean artist Leslie Apablaza.
2019: ”Tree of Shame”- plastic, there is so much in the ocean as shame in the body.- Performance, installation, music/voice. At Caisa’s cultural center. 2021: Artist in residence at Haltia Nature Center in Nuuksio’s forests in Espoo- Finland
2021 Choreographer and performer at ”Depth of the origin”. performances at Nuuksio forest in Finland.
Contact information:
Ylistörmä 1 A 4, 02210, Espoo-Finland