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Project: Over the land of the Bear. March-December 2021
This is a project about how as human we inhabit Earth and how, going through the layers of the body we can get deeply sensitive and aware of how much we influence our environment and, at the same time, how much our environment is influencing us.
In this project also, I work with issues of belonging/not belonging, from own experiences of 21 years as an immigrant in Finland and how the connection with nature rises up body memories. My movements, my presence, the sounds/songs I give birth, are about expressing the experience of nature connection, which it is a continues exchange, a cycle itself, of getting deep in ones origin.
The memories of the body awake, deeper and deeper, more far away memories that can take me even more far. The movement, the voice are bringing this memories to the present moment and became the present moment expression towards the future, still, everything is here and just here.
What this past memories as present expression bring and the will of expressing them, even through the difficulties and pains, is what creates the print I am letting to the memory of nature. Maybe one day my imprinted memories will need to be rise up for others and I hope those prints will serve them well.
This project is financed by the Finnish Cultural Foundation. My work includes ecosomatic practices through movement, dance, singing, field-art and writing.

Over the Land of the Bear project’s videos:

”Dancing the unseen, singing the unsaid”

Performed by the musician and violin player Tuomas Rounakari and Gabriela Ariana on the October 7th 2021 at the opening of Kokkola’s Winter dances-Festival.

Over the land of the bear project/practice/North Carelia-Finland
Over the land of the bear project/practice/Espoo-Finland
Over the land of the bear/ Coming performance’s practice/Nuuksio-Finland
Mentoring program in Ecosomatic art and education

Working day, exploring. With the Chilean artist Leslie Apablaza. Reflecting on the project Nature in me, at the Mentoring program of ecological art and education, that I hold here in Finland. Video: Karoliina Hautajärvi. The artist Leslie Apablaza was financed by the National Arts Foundation of Chile to be part of this program.

Mentoring program/ practice/ Vihti-Finland
Mentoring program/ practice/ Vihti-Finland

Winter research, on snow memories, voice, breath and movement

Today was one day more of practice. It is winter in Finland at -27 celsius. Connecting with nature. The ice and the snow possesses an ancient energy, something that could relate me with an era before humanity exist and, at the same time, something that relates us with a far future, when everything will became again like that. My body felt amazed and thankful for the winters deep pause, the silent, the simplicity of the landscape. In the snow field where nobody has walked yet, own print became clear and reminds me that, that’s how it happens, we are always living prints in every step we make, all of us. Influencing and changing nature. And we can choose what print we want to let behind, at least at certain level. Video: Karoliina Hautajärvi.

Practice day with our collective on TOUCH, giving-receiving cycle, belonging and not belonging themes.

The tree of shame

The tree of shame, it is a choreography- installation and music performance. The performance explore on the theme of shame and the possibility and necessity to express it as a way to recycle the body from it. At the same time we are connecting this situation with the situation of climate crisis that reflects the state of human beings. The performance’s short text is in Finnish language. Choreographer: Gabriela Ariana Music: Tuomas Rounakari and Gabriela Ariana Dancers: Riina Huhtanen, Taru Koski, Jukka Tarvainen Caisa cultural center, Helsinki-Finland. August 2019.

Tree of shame-rehearsals

The video under is from a rehearsals of The tree of Shame. Practicing with voice, contact, sensitiveness on the theme of shame in the body and moving shame. Dancers: Taru Koski, Riina Huhtanen and Jukka Tarvainen. Choreographer: Gabriela Ariana. Video: Karolina Hautajärvi. August 2019.

Mujer Sola (practice)

Navigating through the movements, nourished by the surrounds and by the inside perceptions of own body, sensing the presence of own bones and of all what is liquid inside, letting them communicate and letting the body just react. More than the result what interest me is the experience and sharing the experience of searching. Video: Ville Syrjäläinen, Drums and voice: Gabriela Arina (To hear the full song click on the next video)

Ariana & Syrjäläinen yhtye
Studio recording/ Improvisation
Ariana & Syrjäläinen yhtye