Kone Foundation grant!

Gabriela Ariana and working group have received a 2 years grant for the project Nature Reset. Nature Reset is an artistic research about resting and reseting collectively in the forest. The research includes open practice-performances, the creation of a visual-sonic-written library. A booklet with practices for resting to be shared also in schools, sheltered homes and cultural centres. The creation of an Haptic Arcade, an experiential installation that includes all the material collected during the research, a live performance, a soundscape. Working in this project also: Lotta Petronella, filmmaker and artist, Taru Koski, dancer and philosopher, Kaisu Koivisto, visual artist and Mikko Haapoja, musician and sound designer.
Gabriela writes: We’ll research on resetting in the forest. Own experience of many years of chronic tiredness and depletion could get solved go mainly by being in the forest for at least 2 hours daily for 3 years. Then I realised that resting is much more than regaining physical strength. Resting allows resetting to happen and that opens a field of intense potential for creativity, expression and communication, an oneiric field (sleeping or awake), a field where the mind and psyche deepen into cellular knowledge and we are able to interrelate, connect and express, in a much more sustainable way, things that otherwise would never come up. What is the expression coming from experiencing this experience of the body as nature, what is the expression of the reseted body? How it sounds the polyphony of the collective in a state of reset? How it moves? How it perceives and relates? What is the weave that this collective biodiversal expression display?  
Picture by Pauliina Runola