Performances on 2023

Hello! I’ll do my best to keep this calendar updated. Also you can check on the last news on instagram. I hope to meet you in any of this events.

Kudelma (weave), Mento Mortis participative installation-performance and soundscape at Lapinlahti Bay- Helsinki on the 28th of May 2023 at 17 o’clock. Ilmoittaudu mukaan laittamalla viesti Paikat rajoitetusti.
Lisää esityksiä Lokakuu 2023. Tervetuloa!

Lue lisää esityksestä

Materia Medica of Islands
A filmmaker and artist Lotta Petronella’s performance where I take part as a Singer and performer. Check here for more info.

The act of Caring
A participative live installation-performance, August, Le Petit Festival-Hanko 17-20.8.2023 & during December and February 2024 at Ateneum, Finnish National gallery.
Peeling an Onion
A participative performance about grieving, expressing, sharing and celebrating collectively. On the 10th of September at New Performance Turku-Biennale .